Privacy Policy

Last updated & effective: April 2, 2024.

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This document clarifies the ways in which we (Kettu) collect, store, use and protect your data throughout our services.

This Privacy Policy applies as part of our Terms of Service. Please refer to the Terms of Service for more information about specific definitions including "Kettu" and "the services".

By using any of the services, you agree to abide by the terms described in our Terms of Service. As part of this, you agree to the data outlined in this policy being collected, stored and used in the ways we describe.

Data collected

The following list describes all data that Kettu stores and collects through your use of the services, which may be related to you as a user or directly provided by you.

Guild Cases (previously known as Punishments)

Guild case data is essential when using Kettu's moderation commands and features.

By default, guild case data is only collected when directly interacting with Kettu. If configured to do so, it may be automatically collected by Kettu when performing moderation actions via Discord.

Guild case data includes:

You can delete all guild case data within the k!settings command.

You can delete all guild data, including guild case data, within the k!settings command.

Guild Configurations

Guild configuration data is essential for Kettu.

All data within guild configurations is directly provided by you.

You can delete all guild data, including guild configuration data, within the k!settings command.

Guild Members

Guild member data is essential when using Kettu's "boost messages" or "leveling" features, which are not enabled by default.

Guild member data includes:

You can delete all guild member data by following these steps:

You can delete all guild data, including guild member data, within the k!settings command.


User data is essential for Kettu.

User data includes:

User data also includes, when provided directly by you:

User data also includes, when automatically collected by us:

The "social statistics" feature can be disabled with the k!stoptracking command.

You can delete all of your user data with the k!delete command. This data will be collected again where needed if you continue to use Kettu.


Donation data is always collected if you make a donation. We only store the essential data for our internal processing, which includes the amount, receipt URL, and your optional user ID, email and message. We never see or store sensitive payment information, with all other data being processed and stored externally by Stripe.

Non-essential Analytics

We collect information about the ways users interact with our services. This data includes usage of Kettu and traffic to our web servers, and it is always anonymised. We only use this data to inform our future development of Kettu.

You can use the k!stoptracking command to toggle whether or not we collect non-essential analytic data based on your interactions in the future. This also includes the "social statistics" feature, mentioned above.

Since non-essential analytics are anonymised, we cannot retroactively delete data that came from your interactions with Kettu when you use the k!delete command.


We use automated monitoring to ensure our services are used legitimately. Monitoring data is collected for a short period of time and includes command usage & API traffic. This data is essential for us to continue operating safely.

Storage of data

Data is stored in Kettu's network with appropriate security measures in place, and is never exposed to the public. We will take effort to remain transparent and notify you as soon as possible if we believe any breach of data has occurred.

Usage of data

We store data for the sole purpose of providing functionality in our services, within Discord or through our web services & API.

Under no circumstances is any user data shared with third parties.

Other concerns

If you have further questions or concerns regarding Kettu's collection, storage and usage of data, or for any other inquiries, please join our support server or email us at [email protected].