Change log

Here you can find detailed logs of the changes and updates for Kettu. You can follow these logs in your own server if you join our support server. Want to take a step back in time and look at previous change logs? Version 3, Version 2.

Version 4.2.0

➕ Added leveling to Kettu

➕ Added rank, leaderboard, setlevel, and setxp commands

➕ Updated donations to be in house powered by stripe

➕ Gave the website a minor refresh and updated it to include leveling

➕ Added close menu button to the preference command

🐛 Fixed a bug causing Kettu to type endless if it ended early in moderation commands

🐛 Fixed bug causing preferences to not work in DMs

🐛 Fixed a bug causing a vanity invite to not render correctly in serverinfo

🐛 Fixed a bug causing the member args handler to break instead of correctly returning a user error

🐛 Fixed a bug causing the delete case command to break

🐛 Small misc bug fixes

🔧 Changed kick perms to now require kick perms instead of ban now that Discord has locked down the purge members endpoint more

🔧 Added warn logs to boost messages if they fail to send

🔧 Kettu now tracks social stats for a future update

🛠️ Updated and improved command loading

🛠️ Overhauled the settings command internally, and fixed minor bugs

🛠️ Replaced our runtime with Bun instead of node and replaced some files in typescript

📝 Updated our terms of service and privacy policy to make it more clear and to include this update

Version 4.1.0

🔧 Rebuilt all of the social commands to be more streamlined and easier to update and maintain in the future

➕ Added feedback and source buttons to social commands with images that do not timeout

➕ Social commands now have a button to view an opted out users preferences with a ephemeral "blue Clyde" message that do not time out

➕ Preference command now has select menus for updating user preferences instead of having to run the command again. This is kept for text commands as a legacy feature

➕ Source command now uses buttons and select menu to give image feedback and flag it. Members with the ManageGuild permissions also have a disable and enable image button

➕ Added a strict mode, this is a smaller pool of extra safe images

➕ Added hedgehog and penguin animal commands. These can also be setup with an hourly autofeed

➕ Added the settings hide feedback buttons, strict mode, and disable images

➖ Removed the flag command as its now redundant

➖ Removed the ability to add feedback with thumbs up and down emotes as its now redundant

🔧 Updated some of the social images and responses. Images have also been resorted to fill in some gaps, we do not plan to do this again

🛠️ Overhauled how errors are handled allowing for better readability and better context

🛠️ Combined the slash and text command handlers to streamline code and improve compatibility

🛠️ Kettu now no longer defers all slash commands, just in cases where a long reply is expected

🛠️ Added new image logs

🐛 Fixed a few small bugs including one causing random shard crashing improved stability

Version 4.0.10

Kettu now uses custom status instead of Playing or Watching status and some new status it rotates to

The moderation logs and check command now show a users display avatar, this now will show default Discord avatars instead of nothing

Fixed bug causing the social commands to incorrectly make words plural when it was singular

Fixed a bug in the mute and unmute commands causing it to display null instead of the moderators tag

Fixed incorrect permissions for the autofeed command allowing any user to setup an autofeed

Fixed bug with the profile command causing it to display the line "moderator permissions" even if the user had none

Version 4.0.9

Fixed a bug causing anyone to update a case reason by hitting the update case button on a moderation command repones, thanks to Riku for catching this

Fixed a bug causing the member select menu to break if the text command got deleted

Fixed a bug causing the poll, vote, purge, and source command to error out if it lacked view message history or view channel perms

Fixed a bug with the lock channel command causing it to break if you used the nsfw flag options

Fixed a bug in the purge command causing it to display "couldn't delete 0."

Version 4.0.8

Updated an internal library enabling Kettu to see user display names

Updated the social, moderation, and information commands as well as events, and internal handlers to support user display names

Fixed a bug causing the preference command to break if you where trying to enable or disable social or animal

Fixed a bug causing auto unmutes and bans to not log correctly if they where ran with slash commands

Version 4.0.7

Automatic unmutes and unbans now log in the moderation logs

Fixed a bug causing mog log context link to the channel instead of the message for text commands. This data was still stored correctly in the case itself, simply use the case command to find the correct context

Fixed a bug causing the dashboard to not update settings immediately. This caused issues with setting up nitro boost logging for the first time

Fixed a bug causing mod commands to error out if the server disabled DMs on moderation actions

Fixed a bug causing Kettu to endlessly typing if the command errored out instead of finishing as intended

Fixed a bug with the args handler causing it to error out if a user not in the sever was provided for a member argument

Fixed a bug causing the args handler to break for custom emote args

Fixed a bug causing Kettu to error out if you deleted the member select menu

Updated the way Kettu internally handles versions

Fixed typos in the unmute command saying it muted instead of unmuted

Version 4.0.6

Added the Hidden Slash command Moderator Responses setting to toggle if slash moderation commands are sent as normal messages or with hidden ephemeral messages

Fixed issues causing the dashboard to fail to load for users with correct permissions

Dashboard/website errors are more clear and verbose

Fixed an exploit allowing users to test nitro boost messages without needing the correct permissions

Added logic to disable text commands if set to disabled. This was set to off by default but that was not intended behavior, text commands are now enabled by default everywhere

Fixed an internal bug causing slash command context not to be added to cases. If you search a case that was created with slash commands it will say "manual action", if you have mod logs enabled the mod logs will correctly point to the channel as the context

Poll and vote now delete the input message if the command is a text command and the bot has permissions to delete it and resend it as an embed. These commands now both display the user display name and avatar

Made the remind, and profile commands server only as they where not intended to work int DMs

Fixed some bugs we caused in user moderation commands, poll, vote, contributors and the settings command causing them to break and error out

Fixed the status command so it can now work in DMs

Fixed a bug a causing the preferences command to break if the user did not have a display avatar

Fixed bug where the help command would throw an error if you closed the menu and the original command got deleted

Fixed an error with the return purge message

Added a proxy to monitor Kettu's requests to Discord

Some internal logging improvements

Version 4.0.5

Slash commands now obey disabled categories

Fixed several bugs with autofeed where it would break if it lacked correct perms

Fixed/improved some internal handling of slash commands to prevent some slash commands (mainly animal commands) from erroring or failing to finish fully

Fixed a bug with editcase where it would just tack on the reason in the mog log instead of correctly replacing it

Fixed several bugs in the args handler where unexpected args would cause it break instead of return a wrong args error

Fixed a bug with the source command where it would error if it lacked perms to delete the message reactions

Fixed bug where a deleted logging channel would cause the bot to error out instead of post a warn log for member join events

Fixed some typos

Version 4.0.4

Fixed bug causing the autofeed command to not work if it was not on the shard this server is on

Fixed the id command from breaking if used with slash commands

Fixed the suggest command from breaking without a response caused by the same sharding issue

Version 4.0.3

Added account creation date

Improved internal and error logging (again)

Fixed a bug in purge causing it to make default args 100

Fixed a bug causing the bot to error out when a case action ended and the member was no longer in the server

Version 4.0.2

Fixed bug where the editcase command would delete a case instead of editing it. Please let us know if this happened to you we can revert it

Removed a potentially suggestive snuggle response

Fixed bug with social commands with images casing them to send an error 90 seconds after a social command was ran because of lacking perms

Improved internal error logging

Improved image feedback logging

Version 4.0.1

Fixed bug causing preference data to be incorrectly transferred from v3 to v4. All user preferences have been reverted to the last v3 state

Fixed bug causing slash commands to not populate

Fixed bugs with the bird, cat, dog, ferret, fox, kangaroo, koala, panda, racoon, and redpanda commands causing them to always "failed to fetch image :c"

Fixed bug where the preference command failed to recognize the ferret, kangaroo, and raccoon commands

Fixed the bellyrub, nom, nuzzle, and pounce command from returning bap self responses

Preference command now displays member avatar instead of the user avatar

Version 4.0.0

General Improvements

Version 4 is a complete overhaul of how Kettu works internally. Kettu now uses more custom djs fork and a custom built api called KAPI. This gives us a very robust base to build many new features into Kettu with ease while also being into Kettu into the modern Discord bot ara. Almost all Kettu commands now support slash commands, and Kettu also uses and supports buttons, select menus, modals, threads, forms and more!

Kettu is also now being moved to digital ocean servers for hosting, this should mean more stable and reliable uptime for kettu. No more random uncontrollable disconnects! Because of this change Kettu text commands now respect slash command permissions, meaning you can finally fine tune how you like Kettu commands controlled and operated with ease natively inside of Discord.

Kettu's website has also been fully rebuilt with react.js and nextjs. A clean modern design now with light and gray theme options! Kettu's dashboard has also been completely overhauled and now virtually ever kettu setting is now adjustable online!

We also highly recommend recommend updating Kettu's prefix if it is / as this can cause conflicts with Discords slash commands. To updates Kettu prefix simply run /prefix newPrefixHere!

Social Command Updates

By far the social category is Kettu's most used category's and we have showered it with love

Animal Commands

A new category to Kettu is animal commands! From foxes, dogs, ferrets, wolfs, redpands and more, Kettu has 18 animal commands to satisfy! Provide a user argument to send fluffy goodness straight to your friends! Or use the animalfeeds command to follow our animal every hour posts, 100% free! Its fluffin awesome

Kettu Settings

Gone are the days of trying to remember what command changes what setting, now all of Kettu's settings can be access either with the settings command or Kettu's dashboard! Changing settings has never been easier.

Moderation Commands

Kettu moderation commands got improvements across the board. They should now act smarter with new features to boot

Misc Updates

Removed Features

dadjoke, tooglensfw, enlarge, unsupress, feedback, sync, vote reminders, and user settings. Some of these features might be added back later in the future but do to various reasons these commands could not make a return in v4.

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