Slash default override

Kettu by default lets users use both text or slash commands. Text commands respects slash command permissions (server settings -> Integrations -> Kettu) as if they were slash commands. When slash default override is enabled it allows you to disable the @everyone permission without affecting text commands. This allows users to use text commands while effectively disabling slash commands.

Lets break that down

What does disabling @everyone do? It removes the ability for users to use (and see) slash commands unless there is another override that overrides it. If you were to disable @everyone without enabling slash default override it would prevent any users from using text or slash commands unless they have admin permissions. Enabling this however lets text commands ignore this permission and continue to operate normally.

@everyone disabled

What about all the other overrides? How are they affected? Enabling slash default override only affects the @everyone permission meaning that any other overrides will still be respected by text commands.

Lets make an example, if you add a channel override in the hug command for #the-ultimate-hugging-zone and an override disabling All Channels the hug command will only be able to be used in the ultimate hugging zone.

Hug command with overrides

If a user tries running the command in another channel they will be greeted with an error.

Hug command returning error message

This approach lets you fine tune your commands to suit your needs natively in Discord while still allowing you to hide slash commands from users.

Other things to note

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