Kettu Documentation

Welcome to Kettu's documentation. Kettu is a fully safe for work (SFW) furry Discord bot designed to keep your server members happy and safe. You can invite Kettu here.

When you invite Kettu into your server the default text prefix will be k! as well as supporting Discord's slash commands. Most commands run as both slash and text commands, but some exceptions exist. Likewise most commands act the same across text and slash commands but some differ.

Understanding the syntax

[] Optional arguments.

<> Required arguments.

k! Text prefix, default is k! but this can be changed by the server.

/ Discord slash command.

Permission Level The required permission needed to run this command.

Important Links

Special Thanks

Kettu would not be possible without the many developers and contributors who have worked on Kettu. Special thanks to dawnniie, jac.k12 and index.ts

Run the /contributors command to see the full of contributors.


Have more questions or would like to get in touch? The best way to contact us is to join our support server however you can also email us at [email protected] or reach out to us on twitter.