Social Commands

From booping to hugging, snuggling and bapping, Kettu has a social command for you! Social commands support a max of 5 users at once. If kettu responds with an image in a social command you can react with 👍 or 👎 within 90 seconds to add feedback to the image.

Wish to opt out of certain or all social commands? Use the preference command, to suggest a new image use the suggest command. Likewise use the flag command to flag an image.

To disable Kettu from posting social images in specific channels put {noembed} in the channel topic. Helpful for busy chats where the embeds cause too much bulk!

Command Reference

k!bap <@user/username/id/everyone> [users...] /bap <user> [users...]

Baps a bad fluffball 🗞️

Aliases: baps, bonk, bonks

k!bellyrub <@user/username/id/everyone> [users...] /bellyrub <user> [users...]

Gives a fluffball belly rubs

Aliases: bellyrubs, rubsbelly

k!boop <@user/username/id/everyone> [users...] /boop <user> [users...]

Boops another fluffball.

Aliases: boops

k!cookie <@user/username/id/everyone> [users...] /cookie <user> [users...]

Gives another fluffball a cookie 🍪

Aliases: givecookie, cookies

k!hug <@user/username/id/everyone> [users...] /hug <user> [users...]

Hugs a warm fluffball

Aliases: hugs, huggo

k!kiss <@user/username/id/everyone> [users...] /kiss <user> [users...]

Kisses a fluffball

Aliases: kisses, smooch, smooches

k!lick <@user/username/id/everyone> [users...] /lick <user> [users...]

Licks a fluffball

Aliases: licks

k!nom <@user/username/id/everyone> [users...] /nom <user> [users...]

noms a fluffball

Aliases: noms

k!nuzzle <@user/username/id/everyone> [users...] /nuzzle <user> [users...]

Nuzzles a fluffball

Aliases: nuzzles

k!pat <@user/username/id/everyone> [users...] /pat <user> [users...]

Pets a fluffball

Aliases: pats, pet, pets

k!pounce <@user/username/id/everyone> [users...] /pounce <user> [users...]

Pounce's on an unsuspecting fluffball...

Aliases: pounces, attack, attacks

k!snuggle <@user/username/id/everyone> [users...] /snuggle <user> [users...]

Snuggles a fluffball

Aliases: snugs, snuggles, snug, cuddle, cuddles

k! or / source <category> <ID>

Fetches an image data

Aliases: getimage, getphoto

k!zap <@user/username/id/everyone> [users...] /zap <user> [users...]

Zaps a fluffball

Aliases: zaps