A fully SFW furry Discord bot designed to keep your server fluffs happy and safe. From bapping to booping and banning, Kettu does it all.

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Social Commands

A plethora of social commands from hugs & snuggles to cookies & baps. Hand picked images, completely free from anything unsafe or suggestive.

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Powerful moderation commands from multi-user ban & mute to advanced message purging.

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Anti-raid Mode

Highly configurable automatic raid detection to prevent users from joining or outright banning anyone who tries. Either automatically or manually togglable.

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Nitro Boost Messages

Fully customisable boost messages and embeds, sent whenever someone starts boosting your server.

Self Roles

Mark any role as a self role, allowing users to toggle it on and off with a simple command. No complex reaction systems required.

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User Preferences

Opt in and out of individual social commands. No more letting random people /kiss you!

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Mobile Commands

Several helpful commands for mobile Discord users, for settings that may not work well in the Discord UI. Rolecolor, category syncing, NSFW toggle, and more.

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Invite Kettu

Add Kettu to your server! Do it!

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Kettu's Lair

Join for Kettu support, or just to hang out - either way, we'd love to meet you!

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Read more about Kettu in the docs.

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Check out our fancy (dark themed, of course) dashboard.

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