User Commands

Command Reference

k! or / delete

Deletes your user data

Aliases: deletemydata, deletedata, cleardata

k! or / rank

Show's you your level!

Aliases: level

k! or / leaderboard

Show's the server leveling leaderboard

Aliases: levels, lb

k!preferences [@user/id or all/animal/social/commandName] /preferences [User] [animal preferences] [social preferences]

Allows you to view other users preferences or modify your own

Aliases: pref, socialdisable, userpreferences

k! or / profile [@User/ID/name]

Displays useful information about a user. If no user is provided it will return your own

Aliases: userinfo, i, ui, user

k! or / stoptracking

Stops tracking user metric data.

Aliases: donottrack, stopmetrics