Kettu Beta Testing

Have you ever wanted to give feedback or test the new latest and greatest Kettu features? Fret not, dear reader! For the Kettu beta testing program is here!

How to get started

To get started, simply invite Baby Kettu into your server, and... thats it! You are ready to start beta testing.

When you invite Baby Kettu into your server the default text prefix will be / and or you can use slash commands. It is highly recommended you change the prefix, however, as / can often get conflicted with Discord slash commands.

It is also highly recommended you join our support server, then head on over to the #roles channel and grab the "Beta Tester" role to get access to the beta testing channels. From there, you can give feedback, and get the latest updates and learn more on whats new.

Other Information

Baby Kettu operates (kind of) independently from normal Kettu; this means you can use both in your server while allowing them to have independent server settings from each other. Your user settings will be the same for both, and moderation cases will all be stored together.

Have any other questions not listed here? Come ask us in our support server.

Happy beta testing!