Informational Commands

Providing useful information about Kettu, roles, servers and more!

Command Reference

k! or / about

Give you more information about Kettu c:

Aliases: info, aboutme

k!avatar [@User/username/ID/server] /avatar [user]

Displays the avatar for a give user, if no user is given it returns your avatar.

Aliases: pfp, ilikethatprofilepic, av, icon

k! or / contributors

Lists all of the amazing contributors that made Kettu possible.

Aliases: contrib

k!help [Command/Category]

View Kettu's commands in Discord. Run with a command or module as an argument to learn more.

Aliases: h, command, commands, cmd, cmds

k! or / invite [bot]

Gives you Kettu's invite link. If a bot is provided it will give you an invite link for that bot instead.

Aliases: inviteme, addme, inv

k! or / roleinfo <@Role/role name/ID>

Shows useful information about a given role.

Aliases: aboutrole, ri

k! or / serverinfo

Shows useful information about the current server

Aliases: si, aboutserver

k! or / stats

Gives information about Kettu's statistics.

Aliases: status

k! or / support

Gives support contact information

Aliases: helpme, whybotbroke, pleasehelpme, ineedhelp

k! or / upvote

Gives you links to upvote Kettu ^^