Animal Commands

For the other stuff that doesn't really fit in another category.

Command Reference

k! or / colorrole <@Role>/Role name/Role ID> <color> [reason]

Changes the color of a given role

Aliases: cr, rolecolor

k! or / autofeed [animal name] [#text channel]

Follows an autofeed of animals posted every hour!

Aliases: animaleveryhour, af, aeh, animalfeed, feed, afeed

k! or / id <emote>

Neatly lists out an emote with its name and ID, useful for emote servers for making lists of emotes. If Kettu has perms it will auto delete the input message.

Aliases: emoteid

k! or / poll <poll>

Starts a simple yea, naw, shrug poll.

Aliases: createpoll

k! or / remind <duration> [message]

Sends you a reminder in DMs after a specified time

Aliases: reminder, remindme, rm

k! or / selfrole <@Role>/Role name/Role ID>

Adds or removes a role as long as it is set as a selfrole. Run the command with no args to view the current role list.

Aliases: iam, sr, iamnot

k! or / suggest [url] [image]

Lets you suggest new images for Kettu! c: Run the command with no args to get a guide on what/how to suggest images.

Aliases: botsuggest, imagesuggest