Privacy Policy

By using any version of Kettu (the Discord Bot), including Beta versions, or by interacting with Kettu's website, you agree to the data outlined in this policy being stored in order for Kettu to provide full functionality. This applies whether or not you have read these notices. In this policy, 'Kettu' refers to both the Discord Bot named 'Kettu' and its accompanying website (*

Data collected

Kettu collects and stores the following data in its database:

Required data (essential for operation):

Non-required data:

Usage of Message Content:

Message Content is used by Kettu to:

The content of your messages - text and attachments - is never permanently stored by Kettu. This information may be temporarily stored in Kettu's message cache, but never for longer than an hour after the message was originally sent.

Storage of data

All aforementioned data is stored securely in a local database, which is not publicly accessible.

Usage of data

Kettu stores data for the sole purpose of providing the advertised functionality either within Discord or through the website. This includes customization of Guild Configuration and User Settings, voting rewards, punishment logs, and more.

Sharing of data

Kettu does not share data with any third party services.

Removal of personal data

Kettu provides a k!delete command, which allows any user to clear all of their 'User Settings' data.

Other concerns

If you have further questions or concerns regarding Kettu's collection, storage, or usage of data, please contact us by joining our support server.