User Commands

User commands primarily edit various aspects of the profile command and the users preferences.

Command Reference


Shows you all of the Kettu badges.

Alias: bage

k!bio [bio]

Sets your bio that gets displayed with the profile command.

Alias: setbio

k!color [hex code]

Sets your profile's color using a hex code (eg #02f4d0).

Aliases: setcolor


Clears all of the user data that you have set.

Aliases: deletedata, cleardata

k!preferences [command]

Displays your social command preferences if no arguments are provided, or toggles your settings for the specified command.

Aliases: socialdisable, preference, userpreferences, pref

k!profile [@User/ID]

Shows you a users profile.

Aliases: userinfo, i, ui


Toggle if you are reminded for votes or not.

Alias: togglevote