Social Commands

Social commands are commands that interact with other users such as boops, hugs, bapping and more. If you do not want people to use social commands on you, you can disable this using the preference command /preference commandHere. For example, if you do not want other people to kiss you run the command /preference kiss and any time someone try's to kiss you an error message will will stop the command from running as shown below.

setting preferences

Command Reference

k!bap <@User/ID>

Baps a bad fluffball Bap

Aliases: baps, wack, wacks

k!boop <@User/ID>

Boops another fluffball.

Aliases: boops

k!bellyrub <@User/ID>

Gives a fluffball some bellyrubs

Aliases: bellyrubs, rubsbelly

k!cookie <@User/ID>

Give another fluffball a cookie Bap

Aliases: givecookie, cookies

k!hug <@User/ID>

Gives another fluffball a huggo Bap

Aliases: hugs, huggo

k!kiss <@User/ID>

Kisses another fluffball.

Aliases: kisses

k!lick <@User/ID>

Licks another fluffball.

Aliases: licking, licks

k!nom <@User/ID>

Noms at another fluffball.

Aliases: noms

k!nuzzle <@User/ID>

Nuzzles another fluffball.

Aliases: nuzzles

k!pat <@User/ID>

Pats another fluffball.

Aliases: pats, pet, pets

k!pounce <@User/ID>

Pounces on another fluffball.

Aliases: pounces, attack, attacks

k!snuggle <@User/ID>

Snuggles another fluffball warmly.

Aliases: snugs, snuggles, snug, cuddle, cuddles

k!zap <@User/ID>

Gives another fluffball a zap >;)

Aliases: zaps

Other Options

You can optionally disable social commands from embeding by putting {noembed} in the channel topic.

Exampe of no embed