Miscellaneous Commands

Miscellaneous commands are commands that do not fit into any other category of commands.

Command Reference

/colorrole <role name/ID> [Reason]

Sets the color of a role.

Alias: cr

Permission Level: MANAGE_ROLES


Want to hear a corny dad joke? Then this is the command for you wink


Displays a custom emoji at a larger size.

Aliases: enlargeemoji, bigemoji, jumbo, emote

/id <emote>

Neatly lists out an emote with its name and ID, useful for emote servers for making lists of emotes.

/nsfw [#channel/ID] [Reason]

This command toggles a channels nsfw mode.

Aliases: togglensfw, nsfwtoggle

Permission Level: MANAGE_CHANNELS


This command makes a poll with check, X, and shrug reaction options.

/remind <m/h/d/w/M/y> [message]

Sends you a DM reminder after the specified time. An example time might be 2w4d for 2 weeks and 4 days.

Aliases: remindme, rm

/selfrole <@Role/ID>

Adds or removes a role from the user, as long as it is set as a selfrole.

Aliases: iam, sr, iamnot

/suggest [response] <source (for images only)>

Suggest an image or a command response for a social command. Click here to learn more about how to suggest.

/sync [#channel/ID] [Reason]

This command syncs a channel with its category.

Alias: syncchannel

Permission Level: MANAGE_CHANNELS


Adds an emote into the server the command is run in.

Aliases: steal, copy

Permission Level: MANAGE_EMOJIS

/vote <2-10>

This command makes a multiple choice question, from 2 to 10 reaction options.

Alias: callvote