Informational Commands

Informational commands range from information commands about the bot (help, stats, etc) to about the server itself (serverinfo, roleinfo, etc).

Command Reference


Kettu's privacy policy.

Aliases: policy, privacy


This command gives you information about Kettu 🦊

Aliases: aboutme, info

/avatar [<@User/ID>]

Shows you a fluffball's avatar.

Aliases: pfp, av, a, icon


Lists all the contributors that made this bot possible.

Alias: contrib

/help [command]

This is the help command. Run the command with a command name after for more information about that command.

Alias: h


This command gives you the link to invite Kettu into your server c:

Aliases: addme, download


This command shows you how long it takes for me to respond.

Alias: pong

/roleinfo <role name/ID>

Gives you more information about a given role.


Gives you some useful information about this server.

Aliases: si, aboutserver


Shows you some stats about Kettu.

Alias: status


This command gives you an invite for Kettu's support server.

Alias: helpme


Gives you links to vote for Kettu ^^