Change log

Here you can find detailed logs of the changes in Kettu. Click here to see all the change logs prior to V3.

Version 3.1.7

Added the ability to log raw moderation actions in the modlogs (bans, kicks, mutes). The mod log will say manual instead of giving a context link. This will not be enabled by default.

Added the command rawlog to toggle the feature above.

Added the raw log setting to the settings command.

Added note about the raw log after you set the modlog channel.

Fixed bug in the history command that would cause it break if you where searching a user without a profile picture.

Fixed another bug causing strikes to not be stored correctly.

Some minor code clean up and optimization.

Version 3.1.6

Added the command k!takeemote to add emotes into your sever by posting an emote and giving it a name.

Added the command k!socialImage which allows servers to globally disable social images (instead of having to use {noembed} in every channel topic). This option is also available on the dashboard.

Overhauled the k!id command, it is now designed for emotes and neatly gives out an emote ID, helpful for emote servers.

Fixed the k!about command so it can now properly work in DMs.

Fixed a few bugs and typos.

Version 3.1.5

Kettu now has a new icon

A new feedback system was made with the k!feedback command. Feel free to give us feedback about this update 😉

Added reaction feedback to the k!source command allowing users to rate or flag images in the social image pool.

Added unsuppress to unsuppress embeds. (This happens when you click the small X on an embed).

Configraidmode was redone to give more information and to be more clear.

Fixed social delete from working at all.

Fixed bug in the mute command that would stop it from responding at all.

Fixed bug in the mute command causing the command to fail if a user had left the server.

Self responses in social commands now respect the noembed status.

Fixed several small typos.

Fixed other various bugs.

Version 3.1.4

Added more responses to the cookie command.

Added the Alias rl to the roleinfo command as well as allowing you to mention the role for the command.

Removed bot and human count from the serverinfo command as we can no longer reliably get this information.

Fixed the uptime in the ping and stats command to now show the correct uptime.

Slightly updated the source command to make it cleaner.

Slightly updated Kettu's status to look cleaner.

Stability improvements.

Fixed several typos.

Fixed various bugs.

Version 3.1.3

Added some new images to the social commands and removed some poor quality images.

Flags are now supported in the edit command.

Added how many vote points you have in the upvote command.

Removed user status in the profile command as we no longer get that data.

Modified the source command to now give the image key in the footer.

Fixed several small typos and bugs.

Version 3.1.2

Fixed a bug that prevented any case from logging in the database if no mod log channel was set.

Fixed the reason command so it now sets the reason for the case in the database as well as mod log. This command also sets the reason even if no mod log is set.

Fixed a few bugs in the nitro command. Now is should say you use an incorrect syntax instead of erroring out.

Updated the website home page.

Fixed a bug in the serverinfo command that prevented it from working in some servers. Some broken markdown was also fixed.

Fixed the bot not correctly sending server stats to a few bot lists.

Updated the upvote command removing a defunct bot list and crossing out Arcane center as it does not log votes (that site is not very good).

Fixed several other bugs throughout the bot.

Version 3.1.1

Added the command; settings. This displays the servers settings.

Gave the preference command a face lift with new emotes.

Added some new responses to the zap and cookie command.

Tweaked the serverinfo command slightly.

Updated links in the bot to the correct domain.

Fixed a few bugs and typos.

Version 3.1.0

Added join and leave logs. The command to set this up is k!joinlog [channel]

Added a new social command; Bellyrubs!

Some commands now work in DMs!

Added the aliases case and cases to the history command.

Fixed a bug in the check command where it always returned the user having 0 strikes.

Fixed a bug with moderation commands that would throw "No user" when more then 1 user was provided.

Fixed lots of bugs (making commands work in DMs causes a lot of issues).

Fixed several typos.

Version 3.0.2

Some commands now work in DMs and Kettu no longer sends a message saying you must run commands in a server if you DM Kettu with anything.

Added a new source command that gives you information about the social command images. You may have already noticed this in the footers of social commands.

Changed the way Kettu handle errors a bit.

The suggest command now requires a source.

Fixed bug where the moderation commands would throw an error if you fed them an invalid user.

Changed the badges command to now give a link to our website as the information it displayed was outdated.

Fixed a few bugs in the purge command.

Fixed a few typos and smaller bugs.

Version 3.0.1

Changed the roleinfo command so if a role has more then 29 users it does not attempt to list all of the users instead giving the user count for that role.

The bot now posts server stats to all of the bot lists.

Fixed bug in the help command with the reactions when the bot lacks manage message permissions.

Removed the s alias from the strike command.

Kettu now correctly tracks votes.

Fixed several typos.

Fixed several small bugs.

Version 3.0.0

General Improvements

One of the most important changes to come in V3 is support for sharding. This allows Kettu to scale above 2500 servers. Another much needed change was moving to a proper non-relational database. This allows us to store a lot more data than just server prefixes. Some front end improvements include being able to mention the bot as a prefix in addition to the server prefix. The prefix is also no longer case sensitive, meaning if your prefix is prefix you can do prefixping or PREFIXping or for the heck of it PrEfIxping.

New Commands


colorrole Sets the color of a role using a hexcode argument. Helpful for mobile users.

enlarge Enlarges a custom emote so you can see it clearer. Helpful for mobile users.

nsfw This command toggles a channel's nsfw mode. Helpful for mobile users, especially users on iOS.

remind Sets a reminder for you then DMs you when the time has come.

selfrole Allows users to give themselves roles that have been preset (setselfrole).

sync Syncs a channel with its category. Helpful for mobile users.


history This shows a user's punishments if a user is provided, or more details about a case if a case number is provided.

mute Mutes a user for the specified time.

pardon Removes/deletes a case.

raidmode Manually sets the raidmode.

purge Purges a number of recent messages matching a set of options.

reason Sets a new reason for a case. If mod logs are set the mod log message will be edited to reflect the new reason.


roleinfo Gives useful information about a given role.

serverinfo This command gives useful information about the server the command is run in.

upvote Gives you links to vote for Kettu ^^

avatar displays a users avatar.

upvote Gives you some links to upvote Kettu on. Learn more about voting here.


This is a completely new category in Kettu V3. This is where you can set your user preferences and profile options.

badges Shows you all of the Kettu badges.

bio Sets your bio that gets displayed with the profile command.

color Sets your profile's color using a hex code.

delete Clears all of the user data that you have set.

preferences Changes a user's preferences.

profile Shows you a user's profile.

votetoggle Toggle if you are reminded for votes or not.


commanddelete Sets whether or not to delete the social command inputs for the server.

configraidmode Sets the anti raidmode settings.

modlog Sets a channel for the mod logs.

modrole Sets a mod role for the server.

muterole Sets the mute role for the server.

nitro Views and sets the nitro boosting event.

setselfrole Sets or removes roles for the selfrole command.

Other Improved Commands

check shows more data such as whether a user is muted, how many strikes they have, and a link to their profile.

lockserver no longer destroys the default roles perms and instead just removes the send messages permissions from the role. Unlock only adds this perm back.

vote, poll and id now all work even if Kettu can not delete the message. In the case of poll and vote it just reacts to that message instead of sending a new one.

help A fresh new reaction menu system and a face lifted help for commands.

ban, kick, softban and strike all now take more than one user at a time as well as flags and images.

All social commands now have multiple responses and new images.

lockchannel and unlockchannel now have 2 flag options, NSFW and hide, NSFW marks the channel as NSFW and hide hides the channel.

suggest was completely remade and it is used for suggesting new images and responses for the social command.