How To Make Suggestions

Kettu has a suggestion command for social command images and responses. For other suggestions please join Kettu's support server and suggest them there.

Suggesting Images and Art

To suggest art or images you will need an image link. You can not directly upload an image. You can suggest image for the following commands: boop, hug, kiss, lick, nom, nuzzle, pounce and snuggle. To use the command do /suggest <command> <image link>. Once you do this you will be greeted with a confirmation page as shown below.

Suggestion preview

Please make sure that the image works (shows up in the confirmation page) then click ✅. Congrats 🎉 You have suggested an image.

Suggesting Responses

Submitting response is a bit different from images. The first argument should be response to signal that you are suggesting a response. Then provide what command you are suggesting, the list of commands is as follows: bap, boop, cookie, hug, kiss, lick, nom, nuzzle, pat, pounce, snuggle and zap. Now you can make your suggestion! Please use {person} to stand for the other use of the command and use {user} to stand for the message author. An example is as follows: /suggest response hug {user} just gave {person} a big huggo!.

Example response

{user} and {person} will be replaced with yourself and the bot in the confirmation page. Please verify that the response is as you are intending then click ✅.