Setting up lockchannel

In this guide will go over how to setup your Discord permissions to effectively use the lockchannel command. If you do not know Discord permissions very well please read this Discord guide on permissions. It will help greatly if you know Discord's permission system beforehand.

How to Setup the Lockchannel Command

In order for this command to work properly you will need to make sure that normal users do not have any roles with the send message channel override set to on ✅. If any user has this they will not be locked out of the channel when the command is ran. Only staff and other user who you want to be able to speak during the lock should have send messages overrided. The command works by denying the role @everyone from being able to speak. If the bot is unable to speak after locking the channel it will react to the command message with 🔒.

Click here to see an example server of how this works in practice.