Profile badges

You may have noticed that users have different badges on their profile in the bot's profile command. This guide will explain what they are and how to receive one.

Owner Owner

This badge is reserved for the owners of Kettu.

Staff Kettu Staff

Staff members of Kettu.

LeadDev Lead Developer

These are the main developers behind Kettu.

Dev Developer

A developer for Kettu.

BugHunter Bug Hunter

These people have helped find bugs ๐Ÿ› or spelling errors with Kettu. By helping to find bugs and mistakes you may be awarded this badge.

Booster Booster

A super amazing nitro booster in Kettu's support server. Note, this badge is not automatically added.

Contributor Contributor

Someone who has contributed to Kettu <3

Voter Voter

Someone who has voted for Kettu on various sites. This badge is automatically given after a user has 200 vote points. Click here to read more about voting.

ArtHunter Art Hunter

These people have helped find art images used in Kettu's social commands or suggested responses. Click here to learn how to suggest art and responses for Kettu!

Donor Donor

Someone who has donated $2 or more to Kettu. Please contact an admin if you would like to donate to Kettu.

SupperDonor Super Donor

Someone who has donated $20 or more to Kettu ๐Ÿงก